Our Ambassadors

Tevis Ong

I have always loved sports. In my younger days, I would enjoy playing basketball, badminton, golf and some swimming, but never cycled or ran. I started my revolution into triathlon in 2012 not knowing what I was getting into.

I am not your typical looking triathlete, where running and cycling has never come easy because of my size & weight (even now).

However, as a competitive Age Group athlete, I have since completed numerous multisport events (with multiple podiums), including over 25 half Ironman, 2 Full Ironman, represented Malaysia at the 2019 SEA Games, and was the first Malaysian to conquer the Swissman (Switzerland) and Celtman (Scotland) Extreme Triathlons. I also qualified for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships in 2015.

Looking good is always essential, but slow down? You must be joking! Once you are in, you go all the way cos the races are more mental than it is physical! Norseman here I come to finish the Extreme Tri-Fecta!

Tan Hui Jin

Hui Jin, is an avid runner who joined many running events and participated in many disciplines including road, ultra, trails and cycling. She has been one of the many who completed the Abbott WMM Tokyo Marathon in the year 2016. It has been 10 years since she took up running thus making her inspire more people to take up running slowly but surely!

She started picking up Triathlon last year and her inspiration of becoming a triathlete is when she was just a spectator 6 years ago at the finishing line.

She joined the Olympic Distance at Putrajaya on March 2022, and that’s when her journey begins. From an Olympic distance to a half marathon and ultimately completing a Full Ironman Distance (Swim 3.8KM, Bike 180KM & Run 42KM) in just 9 months’ time and completed as the 1st runner up in her age group category at the Ironman Langkawi 2022.

“Discipline & Self Achievements” is the key motivation that keeps her moving forward.

Johnny Lim

Johnny Lim is adventurous, passionate in all kinds of sports, and always determined to achieve his goals.

Back in Dec 2020, he picked up cycling when he couldn’t do any of his favourite sports (indoor) such as badminton & rock climbing due to Covid-19 pandemic. Ever since then he has been in love with cycling, and eventually the passion extended to triathlon.

He is an all rounded sports person (or at least he’d like to believe so) and it certainly resonates well with the vision of Sports Paragon “to provides all rounded sporting gears to the world”. With the support of Sports Paragon, he had completed his very first Triathlon. He is set to participate in many more multi sport races and aims to achieve his ultimate dream of completing a full distance Ironman in the future.

Lim Ee-Van

Ee-Van is a Competitive Age Group 5x Ironman distance triathlon finisher. He eat, live and breathe triathlon. High interest in applying science and methods, with affinity for data analysis to improves in sports and fitness. He has been actively racing since 2004 and has chalked up Multidays and Multistages adventure and trail races, Mountain Biking and cycling races, trans-island swimming, countless marathons and categories of run distances, finished multiple triathlons and duathlons of varying distances, including half-Ironman and Ironman. His motto of “keep showing up” is reflective of his personal commitment to train everyday.

Ashley Koay

I competed my first ever triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 race in 2018. My recent achievements include the Route 68 100km Women Open (Champion) in May 2022 and Route 19 100km .Women Open (3rd placing) in July 2022. I am also a pacer for the Malaysia Women Marathon 2022 in May and coming November KL Standard Charted Marathon (KLSCM). My future plans is to get back to Triathlon event with more training to get fit and perform better. My motto in life is to build endurance, physically and emotionally, with this nothing will ever stop me from achieving my dream!

Ryna Rynz

Ryna Rynz is an adventure thrill seeker. Petite in size, she is tough to take up challenges and always attempts for ultimate performance. She focuses on Adventure Races and have recently completed the Iron Bound Lenggong Series and emerged as Champion in the Mixed Team.

Ryna is also actively involved in Ultra Trail Running, Cameron Ultra Trail (CULTRA), Ultimate Direction Cross Country, Gopeng Ultra Trail, TMMT, TMBT, Route68, HSUT, BTS100, TransLantau. Apart from Trail events, Ryna is also active in Duathlon, Road/ Trail Running, MTB Jamboree, Ultra Cycling/ Long Distance and is a Champion for the Cyberjaya Night Duathlon, Double Trouble Trail Duathlon, Deuter Trail Run.

‘I am self-motivated, constantly striving to be the best version of myself’ – Ryna Rynz

Jayden Tian

A certified personal trainer with at least 8 years of experience providing effective one-on-one and group training. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Jayden is a Health & Fitness manager in one of the largest commercial fitness centres in Southeast Asia. Apart from the leadership role, Jayden also conducts group fitness classes such as Body Combat, Body Pump, GRIT and inhouse freestyle programme.

Outside the gym, Jayden continues to stay active by consistent involvement in obstacle races, such as the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and Viper challenge. In fact, he is one of the ambassadors for the Spartan Race & Affiliate program in hope to serve and encourage positivity and active lifestyle among Malaysians. He is also a regular in road runs, trail runs and ultra running events.

In 2022, Jayden emerged as a 1st runner up for the Spartan Race APAC championship (Age group 30-34) and a champion in the Southeast Asia series overall (Age group 30-34). This year, one of his most memorable achievements is successfully completing Titi ultra (50km) with a podium finish – one of the toughest road ultra marathons in Malaysia where route runs through a natural landscape and undulating winding roads. Jayden emerged 2nd place under Men’s open with a sub5 timing.
“It is possible” – is what Jayden lives by. He strives to challenge himself by stepping out of the comfort zone, one step at a time. He believes that shifting from a limiting “fixed” mindset to a more adaptive “growth or learners” mindset is the first step to becoming the change you wish to see in yourself.

Oscar Yeong

Ever since I can remember, my heart has been fuelled by a deep love of Sports and a burning desire to stay fit. The interplay between physical activity, competition, and the pursuit of personal growth has become the driving force in my life.

From an early age, I was a Badminton School Player and Selangor State Softball Player. I also found immense joy in engaging with other sports disciplines. Whether it was shooting hoops on the basketball court, or chasing down a drop shot on the tennis court, the exhilaration of physical activity always resonated with me.

As my love for sports grew, I began exploring different activities to expand my skill set and challenge myself further. I delved into Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), I took up running and discovered the power of endurance and self-motivation, pushing myself to go further with every step. Being one of the Spartan Malaysia Ambassadors, holding the Malaysia flag on a podium or at the finishing line is a symbol of pride and achievement. I was also qualified for the Age Group Spartan World Championship 2022 and 2023.

As I continue on my journey as a sports lover and fitness enthusiast, I remain committed to pushing my boundaries, exploring new sports such as Rock Climbing, Dragon Boat Racing, etc. Inspiring others to embark on their own athletic endeavours. I’m ready to wholeheartedly embrace the challenge with the support of Sports Paragon.

Firdaus Rasid

Introducing our latest member of Sports Paragon Brand Ambassador, Muhammad Firdaus Bin Abdul Rasid- Head Coach & Leader of the Three F Rope Skipping Academy, Perlis. He is a renowned figure in the world of jump rope, known for his exceptional achievements and dedication to the promotion of jump rope industry.

Firdaus is an active Jump Rope Artist and is a Champion in the National Jump Rope Competition from 2004 – 2012. Some of Firdaus successful achievement throughout the years;

– 8 times Gold Medallist in Asia Rope Skipping Championship 2005
– Champion – Speed 24 Hours Asia 2012 (1.9 Million Jumps)
– Malaysia Book Of Records 2022 – New Record Speed Double Dutch

We at Sports Paragon look forward to witnessing a positive impact that undoubtedly have in enhancing the relationship between Sports Paragon and Firdaus

Julie Ngu

Julie Ngu has always been active since her schooling age. She have been representing her school and college in different kind of sports. Julie Ngu was a Sarawak state netball player and also under USM (University Science Malaysia) basketball team and Track and Field team (Discus Throw and Javelin throw)

Fitness background:
– Zumba Instructor
– Lesmills BodyAttack and Lesmills Bodypump Instructor
– Body Transformation Specialist
– Certified Fitness Practitioner
– Currently pursuing American Council of Exercise (ACE) certification

Running background:
SCORE RUN 2014. After that I have been active in a lot of local runs, and every time I just try to be better than my last run. The greatest thing from running is that I get to know lots of friend from different places and I enjoy meeting people in different running events.

Running Pacer for:-
Penang Bridge International Marathon 2022
Borneo International Marathon 2023
Lazada Run 2023
SCORE Marathon 2023

“If you never try, you will never know what you are capable of.”

Nichole Au

Hello! I’m Nichole, and my journey with sports has been a fascinating evolution from a non-sporty childhood to a passionate appreciation for physical activity in my adult year.

During my early years, the idea of competitive sports or intense physical activity wasn’t particularly appealing to me. However, something remarkable happened when I decided to join my mother through her fitness routine.

I began to recognize the countless benefits of incorporating exercises into my life. I took small steps, trying out different sports and activities to see what resonated with me. Along the way, I got into trail running and it has been a staple of my Sunday activity for a good few years.

As the pandemic persisted, I sought further diversification in my fitness routine. Enter cycling. The decision to embrace cycling was not only a response to the limitations imposed by the circumstances but also a realization of the versatility and freedom it offered. Cycling became a means to explore greater distances to maintain my fitness levels in an enjoyable way.

This journey has taught me that personal growth knows no bounds, and sometimes, the activities we least expect to love can become a significant and fulfilling part of our lives. I am excited about the opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share a love for an active lifestyle!

Pacemakers Malaysia

Sports Paragon Malaysia x Pacemakers Malaysia
Sports Paragon Malaysia and Pacemakers Malaysia are delighted to announce a partnership for 2023 and beyond which will see new collaborations and ventures in elevating the running community in Malaysia. This partnership aims at seeding and creating a more cohesive experience for runners and supporting to those who are new in running.

Pacemakers Malaysia 2024 Vision
We hope to spread our passion for running to more people, regardless of gender, age, and personnel, so that everyone can take running as a living habit. At the same time, we also hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with Sports Paragon to introduce the company's products to more runners and let everyone know better brands!

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/PacemakersMY/

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